Jason Kidd Gives His Impressions of Luka Doncic & Responds to Seeing Himself in Luka’s Game

July 21, 2021 5:34 AM
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Watch as Mavs new head coach Jason Kidd shares his thoughts on Luka Donic.

Following his selection as head coach, Jason Kidd discussed coaching Luka heading into next season for Dallas.

“For the leadership group that’s up here, it’s our job to share our experiences in life that can help him be a better player, but also a better person. I don’t know if thats a negative, but just the age, because he can do everything else at a very high level. My job is to give him the answers to the test, and his job is to execute on the floor.”

In addition, Kidd compared Luka to Mavericks legend and hall of famer Dirk Nowitzki.

“If you look back at when Dirk started, he’s probably a little bit more advanced than what Dirk can do at 22. But, Dirk did finish as a hall of famer, and I think Luka has that same aspiration to become a hall of famer…”

Kidd also responded to comparisons of Luka to himself, rising up to become a dominant NBA player.

“Luka’s special”, he told media. “Again, we talk about his age at 22 years old and he’s been a pro for a while. But, we can always get better, and I think his appetite is big.”

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