Kristaps Porzingis Candid Reaction to Mavs Struggles: “We Don’t Have Our Roles Clear”

February 2, 2021 4:48 AM
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Watch as Kristaps Porzingis discusses important Mavericks struggles thus far.

“We don’t have that chemistry yet”, Porzingis said on his return back to the court. “We don’t have our roles clear, I think. We’re just kind of out there playing. We’re a talented group, but until we are playing together, we won’t really have that chemistry. It’s just a rough night for us. I think we need to start with realizing who we are, and our roles individually.We need to move forward and keep talking about things that we need to work on. How we need to utilize our players, and keep growing. Hopefully we head in that direction”, he finished.

In addition, Porzingis spoke on his concern level following the Mavs recent struggles. “Right now I don’t want to value after a tough loss like this. We really got beat tonight. They played better, they were the better team. We didn’t bring it to the level that we know we’re capable of. We definitely can get better. Once we have Maxi back we’ll be back to normal and hopefully we can all stay healthy. That’s when we really can start to judge if we’re becoming the team we want”, he finished.

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