Luka Doncic Reacts to Kristaps Porzingis Return to Dallas & His Improved Defensive Play

February 1, 2021 5:06 AM
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Watch as Luka Doncic discusses Porzingis Return and Improved Defense following win vs. Charlotte Hornets.

“You watch a lot of videos on how to use their hands”, Luka said on his improved defense this season. “I think the hands are very important in the game of basketball and how you use your hands. But the other part is the effort too, and I just need to keep learning that”, he finished.

Luka also discussed having Kristaps Porzingis back on the court in Dallas. “He was great – he’s an amazing player. Obviously it’s his first game and he played 20-something minutes. He’s gonna get back in the rythym. I think for the first game, he played amazing. He’s gonna keep improving, and we’re gonna need him a lot”, he finished.

“The way to win championships is the play defense”, Luka continued on the strengthened Dallas defense. “You gotta be the best on the defensive end. If you don’t have defense, you’re not gonna achieve anything. I think that’s why everyone’s willing to play defensive and willing to sacrifice. I think that’s the key to our team”, he finished.

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