Marc Gasol on Luka Doncic Beating Traps: “There’s More Space in the NBA” & Role: “I Just Work Here”

May 2, 2021 2:10 AM
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Watch as Lakers center Marc Gasol recaps 93-108 series loss to Dallas Mavericks.

Gasol spoke on his short-notice starts and being ready to play when Frank Vogel calls his name.

“You guys are asking the wrong guy”, Gasol told media. “It’s coaches decision, it’s coaches call. He can tell you right before like it happened, you never know. As a player you try to stay ready all the time.”

In addition, Gasol complimented Luka and compared the NBA to playing over in Europe.

“He’s a really good player”, Gasol said on Luka. “Here in the NBA there is more space than in Europe. He’s seen that before obviously, he’s gonna see it a lot more. In Europe everything is a lot tighter and hard to see.”

“It has a small little crack in it”, Gasol gave media an update on his injured finger.

“Once you get a couple catches and you feel blood flow get going on the finger and adrenaline gets going too, it’s a lot better.”

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