Luka Doncic on Kristaps Porzingis & Mavs vs. Pelicans: “This is How we Should Play Every Game”

March 1, 2021 8:31 AM
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Luka Doncic spoke to media following Mavs win against the Pelicans.

Luka and Porzingis combined for 82 points for a 13 points Mavericks win.

“It was great”, Luka said on the performance. “At the end, the whole team played great you know. A lot of people played great, and that’s how we should play every game.”

Luka also discussed getting the offense going to secure wins.

“The effort, the energy, the way you play the game. I think the effort is the main thing”, he finished.

“Obviously winning”, Luka said on feeling happy about the Mavs execution. “We got rolling, that’s four in a row and that’s it. We get paid to win the games, and that’s what we’re doing right now. We just gotta keep going like this”, he finished.

In addition, Luka spoke on the Mavericks execution on defense going forward.

“Today it wasn’t really good, but we won the game. There are some games we play great defense and they make shots. We just gotta keep working on our defense. Like I said before, the effort is going to do it for us”, he finished.

Finishing the interview, Luka was asked whether the team has found it’s rythm following covid restrictions.

“That can be one reason. We had like 4 guys, it was tough not doing anything for three weeks and then just come back and play games. I think they’re getting their legs back, and obviously we look way better now.”

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