Luka Doncic on Steph Curry: “I Thought Every Shot Was Going In”, Having “Fun” Again & NBA All-Star

March 1, 2021 8:31 AM
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Luka Doncic spoke to media following close victory over Golden State.

Luka gave praise to Steph Curry, who scored 57 points against the Mavs in the match-up.

“What steph does is something unbelievable. Like I said after the game, I just think every shot is gonna go in when he shot it. It’s unbelievable the way he plays the game and it’s enjoyable to watch, even if you’re on the opposing team.”

In addition, Luka spoke on the Mavs defensive and answering following giving up shots.

“There’s obviously a lot to improve. Our effort on defense was great even though they were making shots. I think you should never let down. You gotta just keep going, you have 48 minutes and anything can happen in a game”, he finished.

Luka also expressed his excitement playing against Curry and the Warriors.

“Oh it was fun obviously. I’m going against Steph, it’s fun. I gotta have more fun playing the game to be who I was before that. I gotta get back to going to enjoy the game.”

Luka went on to discuss whether he would participate in an NBA all-star game this season.

“For me, whatever’s gonna be, is gonna be. If I’m selected for all-star and there’s gonna be one I’m gonna be honored representing the Mavs there. If not, I’ll be enjoying my time off. Whatever will be, I’m fine with it”, he finished.

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