Patrick Beverley speaks on the Clippers’ comebacks & talks Montrezl Harrell

November 27, 2019 11:04 PM
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Patrick Beverley on comebacks: “I never think we are going to lose”

Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley has seen it all in his 10 years in the NBA. So don’t count him out when it comes to making a run late in the game.

“Hell no. I don’t ever think I’m going to lose until I lose,” says Beverley. “If it’s a minute left and we’re down by 12, I’ve seen some crazy s***. I never think we’re out of it. Down 31 in the playoffs, you know. So I’ve done seen it all.”

Beverley was referring to the Clips’ historic comeback against the Golden State Warriors in the first round of last year’s playoffs, where they stormed back from a 31-point deficit to earn the victory.

“Whether it’s the 31-point game or the 21-point game against Boston or the 25-point game against Detroit on the road last year, whatever it is, we’ve been there before. And we know what it takes to get out. It’s always good to have a group like that added with the things we have added to. Always have a group like that to finish games and try to get some wins.”

The Clippers defeated the New Orleans Pelicans 134-109 on Sunday night to improve to 12-5 while securing their 5th straight victory. Montrezl Harrell had a career night against the Pelicans, dropping a double-double with 34 points and 12 rebounds.

“I was in Houston when we drafted him,” says Beverley. “And then I saw the offensive explosion he had when he was there. He didn’t get a lot of time. He was a rookie when I was in my fourth or fifth year, so this is not new to anybody. His 1-on-1 game is you know, put him up there with the best.”

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