Dominick Cruz Reacts to UFC 259 Victory Over Kenney, Beef With Monster & Petr Yan DQ

April 7, 2021 6:46 AM
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Former bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz reacts to split decision victory in featured prelim at UFC 259.

Cruz sat down with James Lynch and recapped his bounce-back win over hometown opponent Casey Kenney.

Kenney put up a worthy performance against the former bantamweight champion.

“Because he’s so well rounded, I knew it was gonna take me going into deep water. It was gonna take just that last push. He’s from my hometown, Tucson Arizona, and if you know anything about where I’m from, there’s a lot of tough people out there, and he’s a tough guy… I knew he wasn’t just gonna go away. I was gonna have to push a button, knock him out. And If I didn’t get the knock out like I was obviously pushing to, I was gonna have to take it into deep waters and let the cardio and the pace do some of the work.”

Cruz told Lynch about his uncertainty with the final scoring.

“I was [confident] in the beginning, but I don’t know how one of the judges gave the whole fight to him [Kenney]. I don’t know what he was smoking, it was quite simple. I just don’t see how you give him the whole fight, anybody. I get how you can maybe give him a round, but not the whole fight, that doesn’t make sense to me.”

Regarding allegations against Monster Energy, Cruz responded.

“It’s just that this is wrong dealings man and this isn’t professional and this is actually illegal in some ways, the way you’re treating us. If it’s happening to me, I’m positive it’s happening to other fighters because I’m not dummy.”

“That’s just such a crappy position for anybody”, Cruz said on Petr Van’s illegal knee against Aljamain Sterling.

“I’m sure he made a mistake, but as a fighter there was a lot of time man to look at where you’re at and what you’re doing.” “It doesn’t complete surprise me that the knee slipped out because you’re in the heat of the moment.”

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