Eddie Alvarez on Khabib Nurmagomedov Retirement: “F****** Sincerely Happy for Him. Makes Me Smile”

April 7, 2021 6:41 AM
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Watch as former world champion Eddie Alvarez gives love to Khabib’s formal retirement.

Alvarez spoke on Khabib’s legacy and the 29-0 fighter being at peace with himself.

“Originally, in other interviews, you know all the greats come back, they all do it. But no, I think he’s at peace with himself. I think he has plenty of money, I don’t think he has a ton more to prove in that division with them guys that are there. What else can he do in that division with they guys that are there.”

According to Alvarez, Khabib’s retirement is one of few happy endings he’s seen throughout his career.

“Honestly, I’m f****** sincerely happy for him. I’ve been in the sport two decades and I’ve seen so many bad stories. I’ve seen more bad stories than I see good stories. So when I see a storybook ending like that, It makes me smile. It makes me happy and lets me know that at the end of everything there is an opportunity to have peace in your heart. Have money in the bank, and go off into the sunset well. I’m happy for him.”

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