Stephen Thompson on Khabib Nurmagomedov Meeting With Dana White: “I Don’t See Him Coming Back. Why?”

April 1, 2021 6:46 AM
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Watch as welterweight fighter Stephen Thompson speculates to a possible Khabib return to UFC.

Thompson discussed the undefeated champions chances of return following meeting with UFC’s Dana White.

“Khabib’s the type of guy that will just tell you what’s on his mind. It’s a definite yes or a definite no.”

“I’ll have to see it to believe it. When I hear Khabib talking he’s says he’s gonna do something, he’s gonna do it.”

Thompson believes a Khabib and McGregor rematch could be the biggest fight of the century.

“I would love as fan to see that happen. I think he’s got more. He’s still a young guy and he’s got more to add to his legacy. He hasn’t made that even number of 30 yet, and I’d love to see that. To do that with another Conor McGregor, It’d be the biggest fight of the century for sure.”

As spectacular of a rematch it would be, Thompson doubts it will come to fruition.

“Khabib is like Conor McGregor status to be honest with you. He’s up there, he’s the elite of the elite. He’s MMA royalty. For him to fight somebody like [Dan] Hooker or any of those guys it just doesn’t make sense. The only way I would see him if he comes back would be a Conor fight. Like I said, there is so much bad blood there that it’s not gonna happen. I don’t think Khabib would give him that fight.”

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