LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron on Win vs. Florida “What Night For Our Tigers.”

October 14, 2019 11:49 PM
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LSU solidifies itself with 42-28 win over No.7 Florida

In the game of the week, the LSU Tigers looked to exact revenge upon the Gators for last season nail-bitter loss. 

Head Coach Ed Orgeron set the tone for the game as he said “Welcome to Death Valley. Where opponents dreams come to die.” Well, the only dream that died tonight was Florida’s hope of winning tonight. 

Florida dreams of staying undefeated this season looked promising in the first half.

Both teams went back and forth offensively, matching each others scores. LSU and the Gator’s defense could not find a way to stop each other’s offenses in the first half. The first quarter ended tied at 7-7. And this trend continued as both teams found the endzone twice in the second quarter to end the half 21-21. 

LSU moved down the field, gashing the Gator’s defense through the air, but mostly on the ground. The Gators, on the other hand, took small chunks and eventually found themselves in the endzone, taking advantage of each possession. The Gators found a lot of their success with the use of two quarterbacks: junior Kyle Trask and freshmen Emory Jones. 

The Gators’ offense, though without their starting quarterback, found ways to methodically move the ball down the field and capitalized in the red zone. Their first four scoring drives each accounted for more than 70 yards and at least 11 plays. 

All season has been about how LSU quarterback Joe Burrow has grown as a passer and looked like a Hesiman candidate, rightfully so, but tonight was more about LSU’s run game gashing the Florida’s defense. Even though the Tigers only had 24 rushing attempts, the Tigers ran for 218 yards and three scores. Three of the 24 carries went for more than 19 yards. 

“What can I say about our offense,” LSU’s head coach said. “We had 511 yards, 42 points, no turnovers, and the biggest stat of the night – no sacks.”

No matter the opponent, the offense has continued to find the endzone this season. 

In the second half, LSU’s defense started to return to form as they got their first stop since the first quarter, which was the turning point of the game. 

“It was there,” Orgeron said. “I tell you the crowd helped. When we made the stop and we started to get pressure on quarterback, our crowd came alive and our guys got juiced on the sideline.”

Florida went scoreless after this stop in the third quarter. 

“What a great job by our defense to only allow seven points in the second half,” Orgeron said. “We had tremendous adjustments by coach [Dave] Aranda and the staff.” 

A lot of the defensive adjustments LSU made to halt Florida’s momentum offensively was blitzing and playing more man coverage. 

The main change was the second quarter as LSU’s offense countied to play like it did in the first half, while the Gators could not. 

“They made plays,” Orgeron. “We made plays. I really think our guys emptied the tank tonight, I’ll tell you. Everything it took to be this football team.”

This win should quite some of the doubters as they challenged that LSU had not played any quality opponents yet, but dropping 42 points on the No.7 team in nation is a statement. 

LSU offense continues to surprise others and their defense, though not as stout as last year, seems to find ways to make plays when it counts most. 

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