Shaq Barrett on Chiefs Not Scoring a TD: “If You Bet on That, You Would’ve Won So Much Money”

February 12, 2021 4:55 AM
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Buccaneer’s linebacker Shaq Barrett spoke to media following Super Bowl win against the Chiefs.

“I think our performance speaks for itself”, Shaq said on legendary defensive performance. “We gotta be at the top somewhere. The Chiefs have a high powered offense. The way we came out and played tonight was amazing. We all did what we had to do to get the win.”

“If you would have bet on it you would have won so much money”, Shaq said on shutting down the Chiefs. “Nobody would’ve thought the chiefs would have never scored a touchdown in a super bowl game”, he finished.

Shaq also detailed his plans for celebration following the big super bowl victory in Florida.

“Aye, we goin to disney world baby, that’s the plan man. We probably heading down there tomorrow. They sacrified so much this year, and to just do something fun with them is amazing. That’s all it’s about, as soon as we won, wanted to get my family and start celebrating with my family asap”, he finished.

“He’s the GOAT for sure”, Shaq said on Tom Brady. “It’s been amazing to have Brady come in and lead us to super bowl champs. There’s nothing else to be said. There’s nothing that he can’t do. New team, new scheme, first year, going to the super bowl and winning it all”, he finished.

In addition, Shaq spoke on being a free agent, and possibly bringing back the Buccs’ powerful lineup.

“I know there’s no place I’d rather be. I’m pretty sure my agent gonna find a quick solution to this. I know I found a home here. They gave me a shot, I earned a starting spot here. They gave me the freedom to play the way I wanted to play. It’s been a perfect match since day one. Everyone showed love since day one. I love it here, and just want to keep proving them right”, he finished.

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