Patrick Mahomes Reacts to Chiefs Losing Super Bowl LV, Andy Reid Situation & Tom Brady

February 12, 2021 4:54 AM
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Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes spoke to media following tough loss to Buccs in Super Bowl LV.

“We battled to the very end”, Mahomes said on loss against Brady. “We played not very good football today, but we battled. You just gotta respect the guys for their toughness for doing that”.”They were the better team today. They beat us pretty good, probably the worst I’ve been beaten in a long time.”

Mahomes also spoke on his toe injury he dealt with against Buffalo and in Super Bowl LV.

“I can’t say the toe was a problem when I played two weeks ago and I played well on it. It’s something you battle through. You’re playing football, you gotta battle through injuries. We’ll look at it tomorrow and make a final decision if we’re gonna have surgery on it or not”, he finished.

In addition, Mahomes spoke on Andy Reid’s son’s accident on Thursday prior to Super Bowl LV.

“It was a tragic situation all around. You’re praying for everyone that was involved. We went into the game, and I felt like he was still coach Reid, still the same guy. Obviously wanted to win the game, but we didn’t.” “I don’t want to say it affected us on the field, but you’re definitely praying for those families”.

Mahomes also spoke on the Chiefs offensive struggles.

“I just think we weren’t on the same page. I wasn’t getting the ball out on time. The recievers were running routes not exactly where I thought they would be at. The offensive line, they were good at sometimes, and sometimes they let guys through. When you’re playing a good defensive like that, you gotta be on the same page on offense. We weren’t today, and that’s why we played so bad”, he finished.

“We didn’t execute”, Mahomes said on not scoring in the red zone. “Especially on third down in the red zone. Those are the two most important parts of the field. They were just better than us today, I don’t know what else to say. They executed at a higher level defensively. They had a good gameplan. We weren’t able to make adjustments and find ways to get into the endzone.”

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