Tyreek Hill on Chiefs Super Bowl Loss: “Todd Bowles Did His Thing. They Had a Better Game Plan”

February 12, 2021 4:53 AM
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Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill spoke to media following Super Bowl LV 9-31 loss to Buccaneers.

Hill credited the Buccs defensive game plan as it held Kansas city to just 3 field goals.

“Todd Bowles did his thing tonight”, he said. “He came out and they just had a better game plan.”… “It definitely hurts because you wanna win and get that other ring. At the end of the day I feel like we’re gonna bounce back and come back and do our thing next year. Congrats to Tampa Bay, those guys played hard tonight. They did a fantastic job.”

In addition, Hill spoke on the Chiefs struggles to score TD’s in the red zone.

“I don’t blame anyone on our team, it’s a collective unit. Whether it’s us running too deep on our routes, or pressure. I feel like it’s on all of us at the end of the day. Like I said, we’re gonna learn from it and be better”, he finished.

“Just play ball”, Hill said on blowout game against the Buccs. “It don’t matter if we’re down 40 points, I’m still gonna go out there and play hard. Me and also the guys on this team.”

Finishing the interview, Hill spoke on the Chiefs efforts to pull momentum together.

“We’ve got tremendous leaders on this team”, he said. “Much of the guys were saying ‘believe’. Believe in the process, believe in this adversity being thrown at us. Tonight, it just didn’t click. Like I said, we’re gonna bounce back. Everybody’s gonna work hard doing this offseason, and we’re gonna come back stronger and better. That’s what the great teams do”, he finished.

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