Patrick Mahomes Shares His Thoughts on Tom Brady & Reacts to Already Being Called “GOAT”

February 5, 2021 4:56 AM
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Watch as MVP QB Patrick Mahomes talks to media following consecutive superbowl appearance.

Mahomes spoke on legend Tom Brady and discussed what he has to learn from him prior to superbowl LV.

“Yea, there’s a ton”, he told media. “The way he’s able to dissect defenses before the snap is something I truly admire. The way he’s able to move within the pocket and able to reset his feet and be completely calm and still make the throw right on the money is something I continue to work on. As I continue my career, I do whatever I can to watch the tape on him because he’s doing it the right way. You can tell by how many superbowl championships he has and the rings on his fingers”, he finished.

In addition, Mahomes spoke on Brady’s influence on him as a youngster before being drafted.

“If you’re a young athlete and play any sport, and you don’t look up to guys like Tom Brady, you’re crazy. The guy that’s had success year end and year out. He’s the type of greatness that you strive to be like as you grow up. For me, I grew up watching him play, and he’s still at the top of the game. So for me, I continue to watch him in order to make me the best player possible.”

“You have to, that’s the biggest thing”, Mahomes said on monitoring his health to ensure a lengthy career. “If you wanna play this sport for a long time, you have to invest as much as time in your body as anything else. I’ve learned more and more on what I can do to keep myself available and healthy and be in the best nutritional state I can play in. I want to play as long as they let me”, he finished.

“It’s obviously really exciting to hear”, Mahomes said on being called a ‘GOAT’ at age 25. “You understand that you’re really far away. There’s so much that can happen in this league and in this game. All I can focus on is trying to win the next game that I play in. It’s gonna be a great opportunity to play against Tom, the all time great. At the end of the day all I can do is prepare myself to play the best football I can”, he finished.

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