Rob Gronkowski on Super Bowl LIII: ‘It’s just another game of football’

February 3, 2019 5:20 AM
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-30Rob Gronkowski talks on his teammate Tom Brady, Partying with Shaq; and getting ready for Super Bowl LIII.

New England Patriots’ Tight end Rob Gronkowski is confident and ready to do his part ahead of Super Bowl LIII. The Patriots will seek their sixth Super Bowl Championship when they take on the Rams at the Mecedez-Benz Arena in Atlanta.

“I’m ready to go out there, and try our hardest, and see what happens;” said Gronkowski. “That’s the ultimate goal. And we gotta go out there and play our hardest in order for that to happen.”

Gronkowski has been here before, and knows what it takes to compete at this level. It will be his fourth Super Bowl appearance since he joined the Patriots in 2010. To Gronkowski, however, it’s just another game.

“You know, every game is different,” said Gronkowski. “The playoffs, Super Bowl, whatever type of game it is; it’s just another game of football. We’ve been playing 20+ games this year, including preseason. It’s gonna be another game of football. We gotta go out there and do what we’ve been doing all year. And that’s what you gotta keep doing.”

Tom Brady has carried the Patriots to all five of their Super Bowl championships since he joined the team in 2000. Even this late in his career, Gronkowski feels that Brady is still on top of his game.

“The guy’s (Brady) 41 years old, and he’s still doing that at such a high level,” said Gronkowski. “I haven’t seen him lose a step yet. He’s great, he’s looking good.”

Although Gronkowski has a big game ahead of him, that won’t stop him from having fun.

“We got Shaq’s funhouse Friday night,” said Gronkowski. “And who says I’m not going to his party? Hit up Shaq, tell him (that) I’ll be there baby. I bet you he’ll get a little crazy, a little excited. We had a good time together. I’ll probably be on his shoulders again. I mean, it’s just two days before the Super Bowl. I’ll probably be there till 5:00 a.m.”



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