MLB’s Romine Brothers have brotherly altercation at Home plate

June 21, 2018 12:00 AM
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Boys will be Boys as Brothers have fun Reunion at Home Plate

Austin and Andrew’s dad had a locker next to Wade Boggs when he played in the Major Leagues. Something very cool kids could say to their friends on the playground at school. For the Romine brothers however, arguments about who’s dad was stronger were not enough. Both brothers have made it to the major leagues themselves, proving they could do anything dad could do. Now they are the ones sharing lockers with super stars of today.

The last time the Romine brothers shared a field is when they both attended Trabuco Hills High School in California. Andrew, the senior shortstop and Austin the young freshman phenom catcher for the squad. After his senior season, Andrew was drafted in the 5th round in 2007, three rounds AFTER his younger brother. Austin, drafted out of high school was drafted in the 2nd round by the New York Yankees.

Both players have had their ups and downs during their professional careers but on Thursday the stars aligned. After eight years of Major League service, the Romine brothers have never faced each other in a game. For a family full of ball players, a reunion like this is why baseball is so special.

Their first meeting comes in the third inning when Andrew makes his first plate appearance. At first, Andrew tries to act like it is no big deal but at the last moment he turns to his brother and gives him a hard punch to the chest. Of course this is all in good fun and it really shows how much they have been through together as a family in the baseball world.

The Yankees and the Mariners entered the game in a potential playoff match up. Both teams are fighting for a division title to avoid the Wild Card game. For these brother however, they are fighting for playing time. Both play premium positions on the baseball diamond on clubs that have All-Star caliber talent starting at those positions. This makes their homecoming all the more special.

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