Anthony Davis Remembers Kobe Bryant Shooting a Left Handed ‘Shimmy’ Shot While Injured

February 1, 2021 4:58 AM
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Lakers’ Anthony Davis spoke to media and recalled playing an injured Kobe Bryant while in New Orleans.

Davis told media about one of his first experienes playing against the NBA legend.

“I remember it was my first or second year playing in New Orleans. This the year I think Kobe tore something in his right shoulder. I wanna say it was his labrum or something. He was holding his shoulder after he went and drove to the basket. I’m like ‘yo there’s something wrong with his shoulder’, and I was on the bench. You know, timeout, and he comes back into the game. I’m like ‘he’s tough, he’s still gonna continue to play’. He comes down the very next play, he comes down to the post. He takes two dribbles and does a shimmy and shoots the ball left handed and it goes in. I just kinda stared at him down court and was amazed. That’s one of my earliest moments in the league playing against kobe.”

“I was just amazed that he took a shot like that”, he finished.

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