Gregg Popovich on His Love for Boban Marjanovic, Max Kleber & USA Basketball Headed Into Olympics

April 11, 2021 4:55 AM
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Head coach Gregg Popovich spoke to media following Spurs win against Dallas.

Popovich shared love for Serbian Boban Marjanovic’s personality on and off the court for the Mavs.

“He’s a very special individual. From day one when we brought him, he was a team favorite and a fan favorite for sure. He’s a loving, loving man”, he finished.

Head coach of the U.S. men’s National team, Popovich talked about preparing for another possible Olympic gold medal.

“I probably think about it every day”, Popovich said. “The preparation started a while back. From designing what you might want to do offensively or defensively, with 50 different versions of what the team might be.”

“It’s a huge responsibility and you wanna do good job”, he continued. “You do everything you can to make sure you’re prepared for when the time comes.”

Popovich also commented on Mavericks’ Maxi Kebler finding a home in Dallas.

“He’s turned into a very confident shooter. He knows his role, he fits well with that group. Rick [Carlisle] uses him wisely, so he’s found a home”, he finished.

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