James Harden on Luka Doncic Comparisons & Luka Doncic: “The Mavs Got a Special One”

March 23, 2021 3:58 AM
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James Harden spoke to media following loss to Dallas Mavericks.

Harden described the struggles faced by the Nets during the loss against Dallas.

“We faught in that first half, we were down double digits. We cut it to I think 4 going into halftime. That second half, we just didn’t have any legs, the entire team. You know, losing a couple players. Every time we made a run, they countered it and made a run. Credit to them they played pretty well tonight, we just didn’t have it. Throughout the course of the years there’s gonna be games like that so we just chalk it up, prepare, and get ready for San Antonio [Spurs].”

In addition, Harden expressed his frustration with the amount of turnovers in the loss.

“I had what like 6 turnovers. A lot of them were careless, a lot of them were just not good plays. Trying to thread the needle or what not, and I mean that’s it. When you give an offensive team like that opportunity after opportunity, they did a great job on capitalizing it. We just gotta be better, I gotta be better individually securing the basketball. We will be better”, he finished.

Harden also responded to comparisons of him and Mavs star Luka Doncic.

“Luka Doncic, he’s obviously plays at his own pace”, Harden said. “I mean there are some simularities. He never lets anyone speeds him up, and he gets what he wants. That’s rare for a guy at a young age to be able to dictate the game and control the game like he does. Obviously we all know he’s got a very very bright future, and the Mavs got a special one.”

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