Jordan Clarkson Reacts to Joe Ingles “Never Played With Anyone Like Him” Praise

March 13, 2021 4:31 AM
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Watch as Utah Jazz’s Jordan Clarkson talks to media following big game vs. Philadelphia.

Clarkson reacted to the praise and support recieved by his teammates and coaching staff.

“Probably the biggest thing for me, with them saying that and believing me, letting me be myself and embracing me, kinda just playing a role into who I am. That gives me confidence in it’s own. Those guys always come over to the bench and tell me to keep shooting. Even when I’m having an off night, even when I’m hot, they still tell me to shoot the ball no matter what. What gives me that confidence is just my teammates, coaching staff, just everybody… I really appreciate that, and happy that they embrace me like that”, he finished.

In addition, Clarkson spoke on his great shooting peformance against the 76ers.

“Man I’m not even paying attention, I’m just shooting the shots available and they goin in. At the end of the day, I thank Fav [Derrick Favors], I thank all my teammates period for keep feeding me and keep playing our style of basketball. If it wasn’t for my teammates, coaching staff, the system that we got, none of this 40 points off the bench, none of these plays, the situation I’m in, wouldn’t happen. It’s a test to who we are as a team, and straight respect for coach, his system, and how he wants to play… Definitely a sign and respect and love that’s shared throughout our team”, he finished.

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