Steve Cunningham Reacts to Beating Frank Mir & Reveals Triller Delayed Fight By Over an Hour

April 21, 2021 4:52 AM
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Watch as Steve Cunningham reacts to his boxing win against former UFC heavy-weight champion Frank Mir.

Cunningham reacted to the size difference in match against the heavy-weight fighter Mir.

“His girth was on me. I had to lean and work to do my best, but still got some good shots in. But man, that dude is big.”

Cunningham also revealed to media his frustration of the Triller network continuiously delaying the fight.

“We kept being told we’re coming out this time, then it’s fifteen minutes later. Then it’s 2 hours later, and it’s like an hour later, and we’re like ‘what?’. We’re already wrapped up, started warming up and then the girl comes back and says ’45 minutes’.”

“I’ll be ready for it next time if I fight again with Triller”, he continued. “It was a bit uncomfortable. When you’re ready to rumble, you’re ready to rumble.”

Cunningham also shared his appreciation and respect for Frank Mir.

“My hat goes off to Frank man. He’s a stand up guy you know I love his family. I got to meet his family and talk to them. We have so many simularities in our family. I got mad respect for Frank”, he finsished.

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