Benches Clear at Citi Field due to a Legal Slide and a Hug

June 28, 2018 6:33 AM
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Pirates and Mets win the award for the lamest reason to clear the benches this season.

Major League Baseball is often accused of becoming too soft and sensitive in a world that worships sports like the NFL and UFC. Benches clearing “brawls” are becoming common for petty reasons.  As baseball fans, we try to defend the honor of the game and see the best in its many mistakes. After the play between Josh Harrison and Asdrúbal Cabrera may have some fans reconsidering their view on the toughness of baseball.

The hard slides into second base have been in baseball since the first game ever played. However, new rules make it so baserunners cannot make intentional contact with defenders. In spite of the rules, hard slides at second base still occur.  For example, during this play, Josh Harrison makes a hard slide to prevent a good throw and saves an out for his team. His slide is strong and he did his job.

Both teams knew the rules and seemed to accept the slide as legal and clean. Harrison and Cabrera shake hands and move on in life, or so it seems. A few seconds after the play, Harrison starts to yell at other Mets players about the play. This is an odd reaction because it is usually the other way around after that kind of play at second base.

Both teams benches and bullpens clear because another player had a problem with Harrison’s slide. Cabrera saw just how ridiculous the situation was turning into. He quickly ran over to Josh Harrison and gave him a warm bear hug. After all, Asdrúbal had no problem with the play and was trying to show love to Harrison and tell him this was all just a misunderstanding. 

After the dust settles, the New York Mets snap their seven-game losing streak in the 10th inning. Wilmer Flores delivers the game-winner and everyone can go home happy. Except for Josh Harrison, he’s probably still mad.

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