James Wiseman talks Playing Nikola Jokic: “He’s Got a Lot of Tricks. He Got Me On the Spin Move”

February 1, 2021 5:03 AM
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Warriors’ James Wiseman spoke to media following close defeat vs. Nuggets.

“Studying film and figuring out the angles”, Wiseman said on developing his discipline on the court. “Especially with a player like Jokic – he’s a great player in this league. Studying film brought me a long way because I’m a fast learner. When I study film I’m able to immitate that and put it on the field”, he finished.

In addition, Wiseman spoke on playing against Nuggets’ center Nikola Jokic. “Man, he got like a lot of tricks. I just had to stay attentive like every second I was guarding him. He got me on a spin move and then an and-one. I was just learning and each quarter I got better. He tried to hit me with a pump fake and I didn’t go for it. Each quarter I was most definitley improving and learning.”

“It’s gonna take time because we’re a new team”, Wiseman said on building chemistry between Golden State’s team. “We’re trying to build up our chemistry together, but It’s coming together. I just gotta make sure I’m vocal and make sure In practice we have the chemistry so in the game It’ll be easier”, he finished.

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