Rudy Gobert Details Georges Niang Impact on Utah Jazz “Blessing” To Be Considered for NBA All-Star

March 13, 2021 4:00 AM
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Watch as Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert speaks to media following win over Charlotte Hornets.

Gobert reacted to the slow start from Utah against the Hornets.

“They were really really comfortable the whole game. We didn’t have much physicallity, much disruption in the first half. They were feeling good. When we started to get into them a little more, get physical, protect the basket, it was a different game. Most of the time, we are going to score, but if we don’t play defense, we’re not gonna go no where. Sometimes it’s good to get a little slap in the face like we had in the first half tonight. Just a little reminder that if you don’t play defense, we’re not as good of a team”, he finished.

Gobert also spoke on the upcoming 2021 All-Star game selections.

“It would be a blessing, obviously. It’s really a reward of what we’ve been doing as a team. When I look at all-stars, and defensive player of the year, all the individual stuff is not possible without the team and what we do as a group. I don’t know how many we’re gonna have. But regardless of whoever’s gonna be selected, it’s just rewarding of the work that we do as a team and an organization.”

Finishing the Interview, Gobert praised teammate Georges Niang on his impact on offense and defense.

“Every time Georges shoot the ball, I feel like it’s gonna go in. He’s been putting in a lot of work outside or practice. You know, a lot of extra reps, and it’s just hard work. Tonight we can see the results of his work. I’m sure he’s gonna have many many more games like this, where he just knocked down shots. I felt like he was also good defensively. That’s also the key with Georges. We know he can shoot, but when he’s able to have a positive impact defensively, his minutes on the court are really really great for us.”

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