Carmelo Anthony Embraces LaMelo Ball for “Melo” Nickname & Praises “Future Faces of the League”

Watch as Portland’s Carmelo Anthony speaks to media following win over Charlotte.

Carmelo spoke on the jersey switch he had with teammate LaMelo Ball during the game.

“It just happened”, Carmelo said. “Throughout the course of the game it happened. I try to embrace the next generation of guys. The young players. It was fun playin against him tonight. It was fun playing against him tonight. I’ve been watchin’ him since he was in highschool. Just to be across the court from him tonight, getting a chance to kinda really see his game up close and person. Getting to see him what type of person he is. It was only right that we did that tonight”, he finished.

“I embrace it”, Carmelo said on the young talent in the NBA. “I embrace the younger guys. I try to help the younger guys in this league. Because those guys are gonna be the face of the league when I’m long gone.

In addition, Carmelo showed enthusiasm for rookie teammate LaMelo Ball.

“His poise, his court savviness, his IQ of the game at such a young game, it’s hard to teach that. That’s a gift he has. I also think that going and playing in Australia where he was at… having that one year playing on the professional level really prepared him for coming over here and being used to you know, the physicallity of the game, and the pace of the game. Anytime you can have pro experience, it always helps…” “He’ll be here for a long time, you guys will be talking about Melo for a long time”, he finished.

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